Summer 2013

For those who are curious as to where I've been and what I've been doing, I'll do my best to quickly catch you up with a series of maps. After returning from Iceland, I decided it was about time I buy my first car. (I did have a supercharged 1989


I know I'm several months late here, but pictures of my Iceland trek are on flickr. I'm not going to say much here as words will never do justice to the beauty of Iceland. You can get the gist of the trip from the captions on flickr. Some favourites:

Real–world Weekends

I'm due for an update, but Reykjavík is calling so I'll keep this brief. Ben and I made a quick trip to Ottawa that first weekend off. We stayed at Franklin's place (in his parents' amazing house) and enjoyed a seriously chill weekend. Diefenbunker (Canadian Cold War museum) was a


As is probably clear from my lack of updates over the latter half of the term, I started to feel the pangs of a lack of motivation and some serious IDGAF as 4B rolled on. It's not that the term was spectacularly busy; no, my schoolwork load was silly light,


The days fly by way too fast when life is good; we're somehow already hallway through my last term of school! I'm living on campus this term—MKV, 404E—and it's better than I was expecting. There's a decent kitchen and living room, cozy bedrooms, no hassle of monthly bills,


My time in New York was over after my last—short—week at Work Market. I definitely loved my time in the Big Apple, but I don't think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much without a set deadline for leaving. New York is a great city, but it's